Welcome to the Whitegold Festival. The festival is about china clay and the clay culture that has been created in an extraordinarily place – china clay country in Cornwall. Join us in St Austell each year as we celebrate, explore and make with this most beautiful of materials – translucent, pure and unbounded in potential.

The Whitegold Festival has been running since 2016, featuring a mix of workshops by talented local ceramicists, intriguing art installations, street art & performance and ceramics stalls, as well talks and exhibitions by some of the best-known makers with clay in the world.

With something for everyone interested in creativity and clay, young and old, novice and expert, it’s a great chance to get involved and learn about over 250 years of china clay production in the Cornish Alps – from when the mines were at their peak and the local river ran white with the clay, to now when the town is being filled with exciting and challenging contemporary art work made from the “whitegold” of Cornwall – china clay.

Whitegold Festival


The Whitegold Festival started off in 2016 with a simple idea – to persuade people to get that clay under their nails

Whitegold Festival

Green Whitegold Festival 2021

Whitegold Festival

2020 Whitegold Festival Programme

Dive into the archived programme of films that was available for the online 2020 Window into Whitegold Festival

Whitegold Festival

2019 Festival programme

From clay talks to clay walks, hands on workshops, live performance, and an a-z of clay makers and potters

Whitegold Festival

2018 Festival of Clay

St Austell CIC successfully delivered the third Whitegold Festival as a day of workshops and demonstrations

Whitegold Festival

2017 Festival of Clay

2017 was the second Whitegold festival organised by St Austell Bay Community Interest Company