What makes St Austell and Clay Country special? What is it like as a place? Who lives there? Artists are able to answer these questions in unique way, showing us different perspectives on what we think we know and telling us what we don’t know – the hidden stories of the clay. This is why Austell Project: Ceramic has commissioned 14 talented artists to create long-lived and accessible artworks in and around St Austell – to tell the stories of the clay.

Created in conversation with local people these artworks range from small details in the street, like a ceramic hanging sign above a cafe, to plans for one of the most ambitious ceramic sculptures in the UK.


These commissions are designed to enhance the environment, to encourage local people to take pride in their story and to share these stories with the world. Working with young talent on our doorstep and reaching out globally to learn from the best artists in the world, we want St Austell to be a major centre for creativity in clay and we hope these artworks are the start of that process, enriching our cultural and social life for years to come.

Ceramic Commissions

Sandy Brown

One of the most well-known UK ceramicists, trained in the art of making ceramics at the Daisei Pottery in Mashiko, Japan.

Ceramic Commissions

Robin Sullivan

What happened to the standing stones of Clay Country ?

Ceramic Commissions

Age of Aquarius

Three Ceramic Paintings for St Austell, Channelling Bernard Leach in The Age of Aquarius.

Ceramic Commissions

As Above So Below

Matt Davis is a cutting edge ceramic designer who has been commissioned for the Tremen public art project in St Austell

Ceramic Commissions

Clay Planet

Marion Brandis has been awarded the Treudhow commission to create a ceramic art installation.

Ceramic Commissions

David Mach, Earthly Delights

David Mach is appealing for your ceramic memories.

Ceramic Commissions

Cornish Honey Bee

St Austell’s new Cornish Honey Bee tile mural made up of over 11,000 handmade ceramic tiles, now completed at Biddicks Court

Ceramic Commissions

Susan Elliott

A mosaic artist working creating post-pop imagery from recycled material.

Ceramic Commissions


Jenny Beavan has been commissioned to create ceramic installations of clay country for Mount Charles roundabout.

Ceramic Commissions

Edible Hinterlands

Studio Hotmess are two young designers/architects, Charlotte Moore from Cornwall and Maria Saeki from Japan.

Ceramic Commissions

Seed Bank

Created by artist Cleo Mussi, one of the best known and well respected mosaicist working in the UK

Ceramic Commissions

Georgia Gendall

A new sound art work featuring a trip from St Austell to Mars

Ceramic Commissions

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson has been one of the leading lights in setting up the Whitegold Project. Paul is working on a series of…

Ceramic Commissions

Creative ceramic signs

Seeing ceramics on historic shopfronts is one of the joys of walking down a high street.

Window into Whitegold

Ceramics in Public Places

A round table discussion with artists Sandy Brown, Marion Brandis and Susan Elliott