The Austell Project has been showcased by a variety of publications nationwide, promoting the amazing initiatives that have been taking place in the St Austell Bay area.


This month we feature in Crafts Magazine - 'Place' issue

This month the Austell Project features in Crafts Magazine - 'Place' issue, sharing how our art trail is reinvigorating St Austell.


Cornish Life - Green & Whitegold Festival 2021

On June 26th, the locals of St Austell will celebrate all the things that make their home so unique with the first Green and Whitegold Festival, reports Cornish Life.


BBC News - Sandy Brown's Earth Goddess

BBC News reports on Sandy Brown’s ceramic sculpture ‘Earth Goddess’ which is the UK’s tallest ceramic sculpture. The piece of artwork will be unveiled as part of the Austell Project’s ceramic art trail which is located in St Austell’s town centre.


BBC Spotlight - Green & Whitegold Festival

BBC Spotlight evening news interview festival producer, Cat Radford and Whitegold curator, Alex Murdin about the upcoming Green & Whitegold Festival happening in St Austell town centre on the 26th June. The feature also included interviews with ceramic artists David Mach and Sandy Brown who are part of St Austell’s ceramic art trail.


Radio 4, Today Programme - Sandy Brown's 'Earth Goddess'

The Today programme on Radio 4 features the work of, and interview’s Sandy Brown who is building the UK’s tallest ceramic sculpture, ‘Earth Goddess’ which will be placed in St Austell’s town centre as part of the Austell Project’s ceramic art trail.


Cornwall Live - Green & Whitegold Festival

Cornwall Live announces the Green & Whitegold Festival 2021 due to take place in St Austell town centre at the end of June. The festival is part of the Austell Project – an ambitious regeneration initiative, led by St Austell Economic Forum which aims to reimagine the town for an improved place for people to live, work and play.


Cornish Guardian - Green & Whitegold Festival 2021

The Cornish Guardian reports on the Green & Whitegold Festival, due to take place in St Austell at the end of June. The festival is celebrating what makes the St Austell area so special – highlighting its strong horticulture reputation and its unique china clay heritage.


St Austell Voice - Green & Whitegold Festival 2021

St Austell Voice announces the Green & Whitegold Festival 2021, happening on the 26th June in St Austell Town Centre. The festival will celebrate St Austell’s china clay heritage and horticultural expertise.


Cornwall Live: St Austell Town Development

Cornwall Live reports on how life in St Austell Town Centre is improving thanks to the work of the Austell Project. The article references St Austell Town Council, BID and the commission work of Marion Brandis and Simon Bayliss is also included.


BBC Radio Cornwall - Rosanna Martin Interview

Tiffany Truscott of BBC Radio Cornwall interviews Rosanna Martin, founder of Brickfield to talk about the nature of the project and the variety of activities that take place at Blackpool Pit such as brick making and firing. Brickfield is a part of Austell Ceramic, a pillar of the Austell Project aiming to promote pride in the local community.


BBC Radio Cornwall - Simon Bayliss Interview

Tiffany Truscott of BBC Radio Cornwall interviews Simon Bayliss about his latest commission that has just been unveiled in St Austell Town Centre. Simon talks about the process and meaning behind the work and the positive effect that the ceramic art trail is having in St Austell town centre. Simon’s work has been commissioned as part of the Austell Project.


Cornish Guardian - Simon Bayliss

The Cornish Guardian report on Simon Bayliss’ new commission that has recently been unveiled in St Austell’s Town Centre. Simon’s work is one of 14 ceramic commissions which will be unveiled in the centre in the next year as part of the Austell Project.


St Austell Voice - Whitegold Commissions

Th St Austell Voice features a piece on the Whitegold commissions which are being revealed in the town centre as part of the Austell Project’s regeneration project. The paper also highlights the ICP’s project ‘Cornish Banquet’ with Francesca Anfossi.


St Austell Voice - Simon Bayliss

A piece in the St Austell Voice, generated by Wheal Martyn details Kurt Jackson’s ‘Clay Country; exhibition which re-opens from May 17th. Kurt Jackson is a longterm supporter to the Austell Project and its work in the ceramics industry.