Town Centre Revitalisation Partnership

St Austell Town Centre Revitalisation Partnership

The aim of the ‘St Austell Town Centre Revitalisation Partnership’ is to help the stakeholders of St Austell achieve their aspirations to be an even better town to work, live, study and visit. Providing a forum for the working up and co-ordination of aspirational and viable projects will secure the long term economic, social and environmental revitalisation of the town.

The Partnership consists of representatives in a voting capacity from named bodies, organisations and businesses from St Austell. Each with an interest in stimulating the economy and improving quality of life whilst reflecting the diversity of both the town including surrounding areas. Members of the Partnership will be representative of three key interest groups being; Business, Voluntary & Community and Democratic.

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The “Town Vitality Fund” has been awarded to the partnership who worked together to develop a bid on behalf of St Austell and it has recently been announced that Cornwall Council has awarded St Austell Town Council on behalf of the Revitalisation Partnership a grant of £140,000. 

Prioritising £140k Town Vitality Funding is an important opportunity to help the delivery of place shaping objectives in St Austell. It will also assist with the recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and reconnect with our communities.

The grant will enable the Partnership to progress specific development work to help advance plans that will improve the economic, social and environmental issues of our town. The types of activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual designs
  • Community/stakeholder engagement
  • Demand studies
  • Targeted research
  • Commissioning of professional/specialist expertise to provide technical advice, etc
  • Bid writing capacity/expertise

The Vitality funding will help development work already identified by the Partnership. St Austell will need to consider how the town centre can support a new mixed-use environment. A new focus should be encouraging a diverse experience and offer in St Austell. The key to future vibrancy will be to maintain activity to ensure that town centre once again becomes ‘bustling’ and vibrant.

The Partnership’s work has begun and they have developed a series of sub-projects which address the overarching goal of the vitality and economic viability of St Austell Town Centre. At the completion of the 12-month period, the projects must have a set of well documented outcomes which can form both immediate and longer terms goals for St Austell.

For details about the partnership’s meetings and papers – click here

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