Town Awarded Cornwall Council Vitality Fund

St Austell Town Council on behalf of the Revitalisation Partnership awarded a grant of £140,000.

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet agreed in 2020 to establish a Town Centre Revitalisation Fund to support the revitalisation of Cornwall’s high streets. From the fund, £1M of revenue funding was earmarked as a “Town Vitality Fund” and all Cornish Town Councils were invited to submit applications to secure the resource that they need to help them progress local priorities.  

A partnership of private sector, public sector and voluntary sector individuals worked together to develop a bid to this fund on behalf of St Austell and it has recently been announced that Cornwall Council has awarded St Austell Town Council on behalf of the Revitalisation Partnership a grant of £140,000. 

Revenue funding at this scale, cannot by itself deliver transformational change in the town centre.  Instead, it is intended to be used to develop projects and a clear vision which will attract further inward investment and grant funding to deliver changes.  The local partnership awaits the details and the conditions that apply to the grant funding and will then agree the priorities for the use of the funds allocated”.

 Town Clerk, David Pooley said:
 “This is an exciting opportunity for St Austell and we are very grateful to Cornwall Council for their grant.  Clearly, town centres are changing rapidly and it is essential that St Austell town centre adapts to reflect the decline of retail and the growth of leisure activities.  I am hopeful that the £140,000 will be the start of some very positive changes for the town.”

Further information on the St Austell Revitalisation Partnership can be found at the following link:

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