Tea Leaves

Window into Whitegold presents Tea Leaf Readings hosted by Simon Bayliss and MC Teabag

19th September 2020

Join Westcountry artist duo Simon Bayliss and MC Teabag for a beginner’s guide to the art of tea leaf reading

In a relaxed one hour experience, we will explore how this ancient practice can prompt us to find answers to questions big and small.

Different from fortune telling, this beginner level workshop will help you gently explore images relating to your psyche, and bring clarity to your queries.

Please bring:

A cup or mug cup or mug that means something to you
Tea of your choice (a teabag is fine!)
A teaspoon
Pen and paper
A spirit of curiosity!

3 x one hour sessions are available (10 spaces each)
Please book via Eventbrite

If you can’t manage one of the workshops or all places are filled, fear not! Performance artist MC Teabag will be offering quickfire virtual readings of your tea, in residency on Instagram throughout the day. Available to all Whitegold participants – simply send a photo of your tea to @mc_teabag and learn what your future holds (disclaimer: may be whimsical).

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