Meet the team

Michael Hawes, Master Planner

Michael Hawes is one of the founding directors of Mei Loci Landscape Architects in Cornwall. Having worked as a Landscape Architect across Australia and the UK for over twenty years, he brings a wealth of experience in designing, creating and master planning public realm regeneration projects.

Mei Loci’s expertise is in developing landscapes that celebrate cultural heritage, community spaces and ecological regeneration, integrating public art and interpretation with landscape design to tell stories of heritage, culture and life, connecting people with places and nature. Their portfolio covers work with clients across the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Australia.

Michaels’ role as master planner is to develop a strategic framework from which the Ceramic, Green, Active and Innovate programmes are delivered.

The masterplan aims to create a long-term and strategic plan for driving St Austell’s economic growth. The plan draws on the Green infrastructure and China Clay heritage as a catalyst for the regeneration. It addresses physical access and connectivity issues across the town and its outlying communities, barriers to inclusion which might be physical, social or emotional through spaces that promote physical and mental well-being for people. 

The plan aims to create healthy and thriving spaces where people, nature, and biodiversity can flourish. A place where the rich history of St Austell’s China Clay heritage is embedded in the local landscapes and townscapes.

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Meet the Team

Darren Hawkes

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Alex Murdin

Alex is the Austell Project Ceramic Programme Curator, with vast experience in rural and regional culture and politics.
Meet the Team

Libby Milla

Libby is marketing curator for the Austell Project, managing the creation of the Austell Project brand and the ongoing marketing programme.