A message from the Chair of Sabef, James Staughton:


I am delighted to introduce St Austell Bay Economic Forum (SABEF), members of whom who are working together to bring about positive economic change in the St Austell Bay Area. SABEF includes representation from major businesses in the area, the local college, as well as local councils and community groups. So, the St Austell Bay Area speaks with one voice.


The need for change is clear, the area is built on the china clay mining industry; its decline has left some parts with severe levels of poverty and deprivation. Our vision is to accelerate growth in the local economy by improving connectivity and unlocking the potential of our natural and heritage assets.


As our focus is economic, we seek to grow the local economy by concentrating on the factors that encourage inward investment; connectivity, infrastructure, workspace, talent, services and overall quality of life.


We are excited about the assets that surround us; their potential is vast with St Austell Bay as an obvious starting point. Economic growth in this wider area will have a knock-on effect on more deprived areas. We want local people to become proud of the area again, and that is one of our goals on a journey of partnership and economic success.


Our current priorities for action are to:


·         Create the Conditions for Growth – For example, lobbying for transformative projects like the A30 link road


·         Grow the Offering – Two projects in this priority include (1) work on a brand that markets our assets in new and exciting ways in order to attract more tourists and grow the local economy (2) Project Clay Town which will establish the St Austell Bay area as renowned for ceramic art


·         Be proud of St Austell Bay – Delivery of this website which aims to be a destination/community/business portal is an early win for this priority.


James Staughton, Chair, SABEF


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