We may have some stunning beaches and unrivalled coastal views here in the wider St Austell Bay area, but we’re so much more than that.


Take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fantastic woodland right here on our doorstep.




The woods at Luxulyan Valley is a fantastic place to explore whether you’re looking to get out with your family, fancy a walk alone, or want somewhere new to walk your dog.


The area is rich in history and heritage, so you can expect to learn and discover something new every time you visit.


Just a stones throw from St Blazey, Luxulyan Valley is heavily wooded and steep sided. Steeped in history, the valley is designated as part of the World Heritage Site and is considered to hold industrial and natural heritage of national importance.


The importance of the Valley’s ongoing preservation is of such importance, that group Friends of Luxulyan Valley was formed back in 1997. Linked with Cornwall Council and nearby parish councils, the group works to promote the preservation and protection of the valley, influence and assist in its management and promote the area’s history.


As part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, the Valley is set to undergo mass conservation work. A Heritage Lottery Fund development grant awarded to the project means that Cornwall Council and Cornwall Heritage Trust can progress their plans to extensive conservation and interpretation of the Valley’s heritage which will include restoring the Treffry Viaduct to working order.


As part of this, the council are keen to implement a programme of activities to encourage even more people, from all walks of life, to visit the Valley as well as creating opportunities for family learning and local schools to get involved.


So while the future of the Valley looks incredible, it remains, in its current state, a fantastic place to visit, so get exploring today!


Look out for: wildlife including the Bullfinch, European Otter, Song Thrush and Spotted Flycatcher. Historical remains including the Treffry Viaduct, granite mine buildings, tramways, mineshafts, adits and a waterwheel pit.


There are two small car parks at Black Hill and Ponts Mill but no toilet or refreshment facilities.


To support Friends of Luxulyan Valley and discover more history about the area, visit www.luxulyanvalley.co.uk 


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Posted: 9 months ago
Luxulyan Valley

Exploring the other side of Luxulyan Valley is easy thanks to a free car park at Pontsmill.


The whole valley area played an important part in the production of granite and industrial minerals during the 19th Century. Thanks to Joseph Treffry’s innovation in the area, the valley was transformed into a hive of industrial activity, with workers quarrying granite, mining copper and tin, as well as producing China Clay and stone.


Once you park up and cross the road towards the start of the path, you’ll come across an information board and map fixed onto a granite stone. You’ll see the possibilities to explore the valley are endless and there are a host of routes to choose from.


Whether you choose to take a circular route into the east of the Valley, follow the straight path through the center, or decide to walk all the way to the Treffry Viaduct, there’s plenty to see along the way, from nature and wildlife to fascinating historical remains.


If you choose to follow the most central path through the Valley, you’ll come across the remains of the Trevanney China Clay Kiln (pictured). This was in operation between the 1920s and 1960s and processed China Clay piped in from outside the Valley.


Don’t worry if you take a different route, there’s plenty to see, making it an ideal walk and afternoon out for the whole family – especially the dog! From the 19th Century Wheel Pit and The Incline constructed c1840.


Horse riding and cycling is permitted on the designated horse trail only. Walkers can use all paths and tracks, but please note some may be steep and uneven.


There are a number of resting points along the way and dog waste pin can be found at the start of the walk. There are no other facilities here.


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This designated County Wildlife Site is popular with locals looking for a woodland walk either with friends and family, or with their four legged friends.


Kings Wood forms part of the remains of an ancient woodland, dating back more than 400 years. Originally owned by the realm, the Earl of Lancaster and the Forestry Commission, it’s now managed by The Woodland Trust.


Starting in the car park just off Pentewan Road (B3272) just after London Apprentice and the Kings Wood restaurant, the area is fantastic at offering something for everyone.


Once you leave the car park on foot, following the main track through, or on the river bank, you can choose to branch off and keep following the river to pick up the Pentewan Leisure Trail or make use one of the wood’s various trails that are narrower, steeper and at times on un-even terrain. These routes are more challenging but wind their way through the woods and are generally quieter than the main, flatter route. Plus by going this way you get to see the wilder, less accessible parts of the wood – well worth the climb!


Look out for: bluebells in the Spring, as well as heather and bilberry. The wood provides the perfect home for some butterfly and moth species that are rare to Cornwall, so keep your eyes peeled.


There are no facilities here.


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