St Austell Police Surgery


St Austell Police Surgery


St Austell Police are holding local scheduled Police Surgerys in St Dennis, St Stephens and St Blazey.

All surgeries venues and times are listed below, please refer directly to St Austell Police Facebook or Click here for more details.

This is an opportunity to speak with a local Police Officer regarding any issues you may wish to discuss directly with the Police.

Note: All emergencies must still be reported through 999.

Details below:

ST BLAZEY – At St Blazey Police Office, Station Road, St Blazey. 09:00 – 12:00

Tuesday 7th May 2019
Friday 7th June 2019
Sunday 7th July 2019
Wednesday 7th August 2019
Saturday 7th September 2019
Monday 7th October 2019
Thursday 7th November 2019
Saturday 7th December 2019

ST STEPHEN – At St Stephen Parish Council Offices. 09:00-12:00

Tuesday 14th May 2019
Friday 14th June 2019
Sunday 14th July 2019
Wednesday 14th August 2019
Saturday 14th September 2019
Monday 14th October 2019
Thursday 14th November 2019
Saturday 14th December 2019

ST DENNIS – At Clay TAWC – 09:30-12:00

Thursday 23rd May 2019
Thursday 20th June 2019
Thursday 25th July 2019
Thursday 22nd August 2019
Thursday 26th September 2019
Thursday 24th October 2019
Thursday 21st November 2019
Thursday 19th December 2019