Igniting Bright Sparks


Igniting Bright Sparks

St Austell’s future is in high-tech, high- value businesses. For our community to prosper and thrive the area must attract and retain young people which means thinking very differently about what will drive the economy and the sort of people who will do this.

To make this more than a niche opportunity will involve working with the universities, local Cornwall College and ensuring a digitally based career path is achievable and supported. The Carluddon Technology Park and ESAM developments will compliment the already thriving hi-tech St Austell Business Park to be the catalyst for innovative and entrepreneurial business providing a high quality employment space and the right environment to help prepare the next generation ready for the success to come.

There is a real need to excite young people about the future and their potential in St Austell; the talent is there it just needs releasing.