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Austell Project Launch New Website

The Austell Project seeks to enhance the landscape, transform public spaces, stimulate economic growth and promote pride in the local community by attracting new visitors, new residents and new investment – to make St Austell a great place to live, work and play. The project area covers the Coastal Community Area that the Austell Project promotes […]

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New Artwork in St Austell – How to Get Involved.

How would you like to get involved with a new ceramic art work in St Austell? You can become part of a major new ceramic public art work, Earthly Delights, by David Mach, R.A. – commissioned for St Austell in Cornwall, the home of china clay. David Mach is appealing for your ceramic memories. We […]

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Cornwall College Shows Support to the NHS

Have you seen Cornwall College St Austell campus changing colour? Each evening part of the building is lit up blue and white to show their support during this time. The blue shows their support to the NHS and all the Key Workers who are continuing to work tirelessly throughout this period, and the white shows […]

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