POSTPONED – Brickfield – Clay Exchange 2020



POSTPONED – Brickfield – Clay Exchange 2020

Blackpool China Clay Pit, Trewoon, St Mewan, St Austell

Saturday May 2, 2020 @11:00 am - Saturday September 12, 2020 @

Organised by Whitegold Project

Price: Please contact the organiser for ticket prices

As part of the Whitegold project, the success of the Clay Exchange project Brickfield continues in 2020, a community arts project set in the heart of Cornwall’s clay country run by Rosanna Martin and Georgia Gendall .

Brickfield involves the creation of an experimental brickworks at Blackpool China Clay Pit, TrewoonSt Mewan, St Austell. The project aims to develop a new site for collective community brick production.

Rosanna and Georgia will be working with a wide range of students, architects, and local businesses as well as calling on brick making experts, clay country geologists and historians.

Together with community groups from around the clay towns and villages, they will design, make and fire a new Clay Country brick which will be stacked to make a specialist brick kiln and will be fired as part of the Whitegold festival 2020.

From April 2020 there will be opportunities to take part in field trips exploring the china clay landscape to learn how the china clay industry has shaped the countryside around St Austell.

In summer there will be a series of workshops that will involve designing a new brick. A brick-making production site will be created with opportunities to get involved in all stages of making the new brick. Visit their website for full details of all the activities taking place;

This will involve: mixing and preparing clay, adding combustibles to the mix, wedging the clay to remove air, pressing clay into wooden moulds, knocking out the bricks and laying them to dry before they are finally added to the kiln to be fired.

A number of brickworks existed across Cornwall, from small scale sites such as Heligan, to larger scale commercial outputs like Par.

Brickfield invites you to get involved in all aspects of the project, for further details visit their website