The Pete Project

The aim of the trial is to investigate the potential for intelligent household technologies to provide a balancing service to the electricity grid. The individual sites will be connected, via a unique intelligent function of the hot water tanks and batteries, to the Cloud, where their output will be aggregated to provide a capacity to the grid.


Junior Chef Club at Cornwall College

Every month our professional catering team will be hosting a differently themed workshop, where young chefs can learn new skills and cook some amazing things. Each session is just £12 per child and covers all ingredients, equipment and chefs’ apron. All the workshops run on a Saturday and are held at our Camborne, St Austell and Saltash campuses.


Bethel Social Club Festive Entertainment Line Up

Bethel Social Club Festive Entertainment Line Up

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St Austell Market House Seeks New Directors to the Board

Can you Help? St Austell Market House seeks new Directors to the board. The CIC currently seeks specific skills to complement the current board of Directors

Are you passionate about St Austell Market House?

Could you play an active role in helping to secure its future?

Have you got a few hours per month and some specific skills and experience that can help?

If so, the Market House Board is seeking new directors for the St Austell Market House CIC.



The World FootballGolf Association (WFGA) have announced that for the first time ever the
annual World Championships will be held in the United Kingdom at Cornwall FootballGolf Park
over the weekend of 14th-16th June 2019.

The success of the inaugural English Open in 2018 was key to the WFGA board selecting
Cornwall as the venue for the 13th World Championships.

World Championships 2019 – PR

Whitegold Festival of Clay is a Huge Success

The 3rd Whitegold festival gold was a huge success for everyone involved.

Hundreds of people turned up to celebrate all that is clay, as the whitegold festival 2018 got under way.

James Staughton from St Austell Brewery and Gary King the Lord Mayor of St Austell opened the festival by welcoming everyone to join in the fun packed day.

Music, Food, Art, Crafts, Poppy making, Dancing and Pop up Art Galleries were just some of the activities happening in St Austell during the event.



St Austell Story | Thinking Place
St Austell wins £1.1m funding from the Coastal Communities Fund Application

Saturday 15th September 2018 11:09am

The St Austell Bay Economic Forum (SABEF) has been awarded over £1million to fund its bold vision to re-energise St Austell and the surrounding clay communities.

The £1.1m award from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) will be used to fund the SABEF “Re-imagining St Austell – A Green and Ceramic Cultural Centre” project, using ceramics and planting in the public realm to create a vibrant new cultural centre covering the town and wider communities.

The unique combination of ceramics and plants will combine to strengthen identity and sense of place, support local creativity and engage communities, while the annual Garden and Whitegold Festivals will provide the focus for these activities, attracting local, national and international supporters.

The ceramics project will make artworks in clay and other media that explore the culture of the clay country, make opportunities for local creative people and help develop their skills and experience by working with the best artists in the world.

Simultaneously, the garden project will use local plants to create visually stunning displays while developing horticulture skills in the area.

The bold project will stimulate economic growth by encouraging new visitors and increasing the length of time that people stay in the area. In turn, the increase in tourist expenditure will stimulate demand for improved accommodation and expand the food and drink sector.

St Austell Public Library | Discover St Austell
St Austell Library

There is so much to do at St Austell Library. Visit their FaceBook page for all the details:

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