History and Where We Live

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Calling all Actors

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'TYWARDREATH PLAYERS PRESENT DAPHNE DU MAURIER'S THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND Community Call For the Du Maurier Celebrations 21st -25th May 2019 Actors Required Male and Female 16 60+ Play read through at Well St. Chapel, Tywardreath Sunday 3rd Feb. 2.00pm Further information 07841 505 372 or visit our website'

Cornwall Hospice Care St Austell Fundraising Group Lunch

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The Pete Project

The aim of the trial is to investigate the potential for intelligent household technologies to provide a balancing service to the electricity grid. The individual sites will be connected, via a unique intelligent function of the hot water tanks and batteries, to the Cloud, where their output will be aggregated to provide a capacity to the grid.



The World FootballGolf Association (WFGA) have announced that for the first time ever the
annual World Championships will be held in the United Kingdom at Cornwall FootballGolf Park
over the weekend of 14th-16th June 2019.

The success of the inaugural English Open in 2018 was key to the WFGA board selecting
Cornwall as the venue for the 13th World Championships.

World Championships 2019 – PR

Cornwall College St Austell New Year Leisure Courses
A Blast from the Past

A blast from the past.

One of the first actions of current CE James Staughton when he became Managing Director in April 2000 was to axe the hooter as he, like many, believed the hooter to be an outdated system of controlling and dictating work patterns.

So, for nearly 20 years, the hooter has fallen silent, except for annual outings on Remembrance Day, blowing at 11am on Armistice Day in recognition of those who gave their lives in service of their country across the years.

However, across those 20 years, the Brewery received numerous laments from local townspeople who missed the old hooter, claiming they used to run their day by it and the nostalgia that has built up across the years has finally given cause to reflect on the situation.

As James Staughton explained: “Despite many requests for its return, we wanted as much water to have passed under the bridge as possible so that it wouldn’t be taken as an instigator of working shifts or a call to work. I think nearly 20 years is enough and we hope that the townsfolk who have missed the hooter will enjoy its return as a reminder of bygone days and we are sure that it will not prove a distraction to others.”

Henceforth, from Monday 7th January at 10am, the hooter will now blow once daily but not as a reminder of work patterns, rather as a ‘call to crib’, for people to come together socially for a hot drink, a biscuit and a chat should they wish to and if they have the time.

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