The St Austell Story

Published on July 01, 2018 02:52 pm


The St Austell Story launches a brand new vision for the area with a 5 year plan

Our story explains what St Austell has to offer, captures the spirit of the area and will be what puts us 'on the map' for all the right reasons. Our approach is both aspirational and based on the reality that can be experienced in and around St Austell today.

The Natural Story...

St Austell is at the very heart of Cornwall. Surrounded by beautiful sweeping coastlines and picturesque countryside, its natural attributes offer a wealth of outdoor activities for both locals and visitors alike. Its many sandy beaches, sweep the curve of the bay and are a haven for water sports and family holidays. Opportunities for sailing, rowing, surfing and fishing are just a few of the many activities the area has to offer.

The area is also fantastic for walking, riding and cycling with many woodlands and trails inland and spectacular scenery to enjoy along the coastal paths. Magnificent gardens throughout the area attract delight with all visitors with their beauty and diversity. Together with the existing landscape, embracing the china clay workings and established attractions, St Austell is the natural environment to enjoy all those activities.

The Green Story...

St Austell has an abundance of 'green' everywhere you look, with fabulous countryside and local attractions such as Eden Project. There are also important and interesting gardens across the whole area at PinetumTregrehan, Tywardreath, Heligan and Caerhays.  The clay trails leading north west from St Austell take you towards the china clay country park at Wheal Martyn

China clay is not just a mineral but is the catalyst which captures the unique landscape and culture of the surrounding clay villages to the north of St Austell. Connecting with the culture of clay through the production of ceramics, linking hospitality, agriculture and horticulture will benefit residents and visitor alike.

Aspirations of 'green-credentials' will see the transformation of 500 acres of former china clay land in to a vibrant and sustainable garden village, community and homes. Initiatives to highlight the innovative nature of horticulture in the area will initiate 'garden twinning' on a global level.

The 'Bright Sparks' story...

There is a real need to excite the young people about the future and their potential in St Austell. Talent is there it just needs releasing. For the community to thrive the area must retain and attract young people. St Austell has a passionate leadership group of businesses and civic leaders who know that the area needs to benefit from trail blazing ideas and risk taking to fulfil its potential.

The whole focus for this story is about forward thinking, embracing new ideas and seeking to engage young people in creating a place they want to stay and grow a family or come to from elsewhere. St Austell: So many stories, so much ambition.

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