Football Clubs

Published on June 04, 2018 10:57 am


The St Austell area has a good number of football clubs, with teams at all levels from youth to veterans.

Lostwithiel Football Club

Where: Lostwithiel Community Centre, Liddicoat Road, Lostwithiel, PL22 0HE

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Fowey Town Youth FC

Where: Squres Field, Fowey, PL23 1BA

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Mevagissey Football Club

Where: Mevagissey Activity Centre, Valley Road, PL26 6SA

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St Blazey Football Club

Where: St Blazey Football Ground, Station Road, Par, PL24 2ND  

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Sticker Football Club

Where: Burngullow Park, Sticker, PL26 7EN  

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Biscovey Youth Football Club

Where: Starrick Moor, PL30 5EH  

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Charlestown Youth Football Club

Where: St Mewan Park, Trelowth, PL26 7DU  

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St Austell AFC

Where: Poltair Park, Trevarthian Road, PL25 4LR 

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