PL24 Community Association

Published on June 04, 2018 01:52 pm


Initiating community projects and events and working to promote a positive and supportive community spirit

In November 2010, galvanized by the bad flooding in St Blazey, a few local people got together and  called themselves Par Community Group.

They initially helped fund raise and assist residents affected by the flooding. Out of this group evolved Par Community Association with Gill Butler as it's chairperson. The group has come a long way since then, assisting and supporting solutions to local issues, initiating and managing local events, fund raising, social and recreational activities and printing a quarterly  neighbourhood magazine. 

Despite the Par Community Association epithet , we have always tried to represent  the whole of the PL24 postal area and that was written into our constitution. We have tried to be inclusive of the three main areas within PL24 ( St Blazey, Par and Tywardreath) together with the villages and hamlets within the PL24 boundary, not seeking to erode their identities but rather to provide  links and enable us to all work together, those links are strengthened by our PL24 Community Magazine.

At our 2015 AGM, the question arose as to why we were called 'Par' Community Association when we incorporated the whole area. The committee agreed unanimously that the change should be made. So we are now 'PL24 Community Association' Nothing else has changed, same constitution, same aims.

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