Kings Wood

Published on June 04, 2018 09:52 am


This designated County Wildlife Site is popular with locals looking for a woodland walk either with friends and family, or with their four legged friends.

Kings Wood forms part of the remains of an ancient woodland, dating back more than 400 years. Originally owned by the realm, the Earl of Lancaster and the Forestry Commission, it’s now managed by The Woodland Trust.

Starting in the car park just off Pentewan Road (B3272) just after London Apprentice and the Kings Wood restaurant, the area is fantastic at offering something for everyone.

Once you leave the car park on foot, following the main track through, or on the river bank, you can choose to branch off and keep following the river to pick up the Pentewan Leisure Trail or make use one of the wood’s various trails that are narrower, steeper and at times on un-even terrain. These routes are more challenging but wind their way through the woods and are generally quieter than the main, flatter route. Plus by going this way you get to see the wilder, less accessible parts of the wood – well worth the climb!

Look out for: bluebells in the Spring, as well as heather and bilberry. The wood provides the perfect home for some butterfly and moth species that are rare to Cornwall, so keep your eyes peeled.

There are no facilities here.

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