Carluddon Technology Park nearing completion

Published on March 18, 2018 05:54 pm


Carluddon Technology Park offers a real opportunity to provide a catalyst for the development of future high quality employment space within the St Austell area.  It will offer high quality business support, in high quality premises, in a highly visible location accessible from the A30.

It will enable physical and economic regeneration of the area, benefitting new and existing businesses in the low carbon environmental goods and services and advanced manufacturing sectors.  Supporting innovation and entrepreneurial business, Carluddon Technology Park will create 75 high value jobs and set a benchmark for design quality.  It will also benefit from proximity to the Eco-communities Initiative, the Eden Project and other same sector initiatives such as the Wave Hub and the Marine Renewables Park.

ERDF investment in this project will provide new and existing businesses in the low carbon and renewable energy sector the opportunity to locate their operations at Carluddon Technology Park.  The applicant for the ERDF investment will be CC, acting within the scope of its ‘well-being’ powers as an agent of change in the interest of the economic and physical regeneration of the area.  It will deliver and hold the assets created by the project.

Indirect beneficiaries of the ERDF investment will be local businesses and communities who will benefit from employment, knowledge transfer and supply chain opportunities in St Austell and the Clay Country as a result of this ERDF investment.

On completion, which is expected in summer 2018, the Carluddon Technology Park will provide the capacity and infrastructure for the development of up to 8,500sqm of workspace.

It will be developed within the heart of the eco-communities initiative just four miles from The Eden Project, on a site adjoining the Council’s ERDF funded A391 Carluddon road improvement.

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